Frequently Asked Questions about ELTO

Who provides the ELTO service?
The Employers' Liability Tracing Office (ELTO) is an independent industry body comprising members who are EL insurers.

Why does ELTO exist?
ELTO is a proactive move by the insurance industry to meet its obligations to help those who have suffered injury or disease in the workplace to identify the relevant insurer quickly and efficiently.

How does ELTO work?
At the heart of the ELTO process is a centralised database - the Employers' Liability Database (ELD) - which contains all new and renewed EL insurance policies, old EL policies that have new claims made against them and all successful traces from the previous Tracing Service.

ELTO's members are now required to supply policy data to the ELD on all new and renewed EL policies.

What are insurers being asked to do?
Any insurer who has, or has had, authorisation to write general insurance in the UK is required to comply with FCA regulations on tracing EL policies.

Each insurer is required to:

• Make a one-off declaration to the FCA that they do not sell and have never sold EL insurance in the UK


If they sell or have sold EL insurance in the UK:

• Publish data of their current and/or expired EL policies on their own website, which must have a search facility. The Chief Executive of the insurer must then make a quarterly declaration to the FCA that this information is correct and up to date;


• Become a member of a tracing office which meets the FCA standards, such as ELTO.

How do I make an enquiry?
Claimants are able to make one-off searches of the database by clicking on 'Submit a Search' in the box on each page of this website.

Those that will use the system more regularly (such as solicitors) will be required to register. Registration is currently free and has benefits compared to one-off searches such as pre-population of certain fields and an unlimited number of searches.

Do I have to pay to do a search?
No, the ELTO online search facility is free for claimants and their representatives to use. Registration will be required for legal representatives making frequent use of the service, however this is currently free.

Will ELTO help me get compensation for my injury?
ELTO is not a compensatory body. The results of an EL search provide claimants with information to help them trace an EL insurer. The results of the search are therefore not proof of liability but rather details to help the claimant continue further investigation with the appropriate insurers.

Can I do a search for research purposes?
No, the ELTO online search facility has been developed to help those individuals who have suffered injury or disease in the workplace to quickly and efficiently identify the insurer.

What kinds of injuries and diseases are associated with Employers' Liability cases?
This is a list of the most common industrial diseases, but for further information please refer to the Health and Safety Executive website.

Looking for an employers' liability policy?
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