EL Code of Practice

In 1999, the ABI and insurance industry established a voluntary EL Code of Practice (ELCOP), whereby insurers agreed to search records to the best of their ability in response to enquiries from claimants; and to keep their EL future records in an easily searchable format for 60 years.

Since 1999, the ELCOP has helped around 20,000 claimants source the EL insurer to pursue a claim.

ELTO has now succeeded ELCOP as the system to search for EL insurers. By introducing a single database of EL policies, claimants and their representatives can carry out an immediate search of the records on the EL database.

Looking for an employers' liability policy?
Introduced by insurers in 1999, the EL Code of Practice has helped around 20,000 claimants to source the insurer and pursue a claim. The ELCOP has been replaced by the ELTO service and enables claimants and their representatives to carry out an immediate search of a central database of EL policies.

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