ELTO Dispute Resolution Panel (DRP)

The DRP is a dispute resolution process binding on insurers who are members of ELTO. Cases considered by the DRP are only those involving occupational mesothelioma where there is a dispute with the insurer about policy coverage. The DRP will not resolve any other disputes such as liability, causation, quantum or limitation.

The process is designed so that, having had a decision from an insurer saying it does not accept it provided cover for the relevant employer and period, the claimant can then ask the DRP to review that decision.

The DRP consists of an independent Chair and representatives from ELTO members who will meet to make decisions on cases referred to them. A decision will be made on whether there is sufficient evidence that the insurer was providing cover or that it was not. An insurer found against by the DRP does have a right to appeal the decision to an independent arbitrator.

In order for a claimant to use the DRP they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have received a letter from an insurer denying policy cover was in place regarding a mesothelioma claim.

A guide to the DRP process including timescales is available here.

The Statement of Fact template is available here, along with supporting guidelines for completion.

If you have any queries on how the DRP works please contact: eltodrpadmin@mib.org.uk

Using the DRP does not affect any other rights or actions that the Claimant may wish to take in respect of their claim and any decision made by the DRP is not binding on the Claimant.

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