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To request customer service support
If you require customer service support regarding a tracing enquiry or online registration application, please contact 0845 165 2805 or send an email to

To apply or request membership information
Insurers who are interested in becoming ELTO members can receive further details by sending an email to

To make a general enquiry about ELTO
If you have any other general enquiries about ELTO, please contact 0845 165 2805 or send an email to

Looking for an employers' liability policy?
Claimants and their representatives use ELTO to trace the employers’ liability insurance policy which may enable a claim to be pursued. Insurers and brokers are responsible for regularly supplying the necessary information to maintain the EL database.

Employers' Liability Tracing Office A Company Limited by Guarantee - Registered in England at the address below - No 6964651
Linford Wood House, 6-12 Capital Drive, Milton Keynes, MK14 6XT